California University of Professionals Joins UPCEA

July 18, 2022
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California University of Professionals (CUP) announced today it has obtained membership to join the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), United States. 

“As we continue to grow our membership, we are always looking for opportunities to enhance the value of what our members receive,” CUP Founder Sailesraj Bala Murali said. “What UPCEA provides is unparalleled, and it relates directly to the mission of CUP. We are excited to provide these additional educational and professional support to our members.”

UPCEA membership adds additional value to CUP membership by providing additional education and professional development opportunities. The group partners with industry leaders who provide their insight on topics in their industry while also working with directors from various companies to collect data and information on current industry trends to share with new and growing businesses, educating them on best practices. The membership provides additional resources for CUP members through conferences, seminars, and networking opportunities.

CUP is a professional learning institution for all TEFL International (TI) members in good standing. TI provides aspiring professionals with the foundations to suit the needs of the global learning community and to suit the needs of a global community of professionals in focused industries as a membership-based institute. For more information, visit

For more information on the California University of Professionals, visit CUP is a corporate member of UPCEA. CUP is listed on

Source: FOX28, FOX40, Daily Herald

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