California University of Professionals Joins The National Council for Workforce Education

July 18, 2022
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California University of Professionals (CUP) announced its organizational membership with The National Council for Workforce Education (NCWE), U.S. today. Membership in NCWE provides CUP with additional educational opportunities that focus specifically on workforce development within the local markets they serve.

“Education without a workforce component limits how we can grow our communities,” CUP Founder Sailesraj Bala Murali said. “NCWE and CUP’s missions are intertwined, which made membership an easy decision for us. As we foster relationships with our members, they will have the resources and talents that NCWE provides right at their fingertips. It’s a huge win for our members.”

Through NCWE, CUP members will access additional leadership and professional development courses and seminars. CUP members will benefit greatly from the various workforce education programs from NCWE that cross all industries, including training in various technological advancements.

CUP is a professional learning institution for all TEFL International (TI) members in good standing. TI provides aspiring professionals with the foundations to suit the needs of the global learning community and to suit the needs of a global community of professionals in focused industries as a membership-based institute.

For more information on the California University of Professionals, visit CUP is an organizational member of NCWE.

Source: FOX40, NCN, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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