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Sponsored by the International Alliance for Business Professionals (IABP), U.S, SVU provides super-affordable industry designed programs for the membership of IABP with the support of field experts from globally recognized top universities
Beau Berman, former Emmy Award-winning Reporter for CBS, FOX, ABC (SVU Icon for Journalism & Communications)

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California University of Professionals (CUP) provides practitioner programs designed to be applied in the business management and teaching sector. Gain relevant subject knowledge and skills for professional development and common growth. 
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  • I thoroughly enjoyed the practical curriculum and blend of different learning approaches used throughout the MBA. CMU, being an institution for professionals, is a great advantage because it helped me manage my work and education simultaneously. What I appreciate most is that education at CMU is workplace based.
    Jared Rory Halbert
    CMU MBA Graduate 2021

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Emmy award winning reporter is now CMU Icon for Journalism & Communications

Beau Berman is a three-time Edward R. Murrow Award-winning and four-time Emmy nominated reporter. 

He was one of 12 American journalists selected in fall 2012 as a RIAS Berlin Kommission Fellow, spending two weeks in Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic.
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Live webinar with Rick Sittig - Secret Weapon Marketing  

Rick is known for saving a fast-food restaurant, Jack in the Box, from bankruptcy by creating a marketing campaign based on humor and a fictional character - "Jack". 

Rick has also worked on advertising and marketing with globally recognized companies such as UBER, IKEA, HONDA, Princeton Racquet and Activision.

Read more on https://bit.ly/3vI86R8
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Live webinar with Ryan Patel -Leverage your Entrepreneurial Spirit in you  (3rd June, 2021)

Leveraging your entrepreneurial spirit has typically been associated with founders and start-up companies. However, everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit - the key is how to unlock it in all kinds of settings, from the corporate world to your personal life.

Mr. Patel is widely regarded as a thought leader in scaling companies and brands. He is a contributor for CNN, BBC, Fox Business, CGTN, Entrepreneur, Nasdaq and other media outlets, as well as a senior fellow with the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.
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